Oprah Loves KNORK Flatware And You Will, Too

November 24, 2015 — 9 Comments

My mother-in-law had shoulder surgery recently.

“Can I borrow one of your KNORKs?” she asked me afterwards.

Of course I said yes.

If you’re unfamiliar, KNORK makes amazing, high-quality silverware. You can read and see more specifics about their utensils here, but this guy is the piece that those of us with one hand (or the use of one hand) gravitate toward:


Basically, the head of the fork is forged in such a way that it works like a knife, allowing you to cut and eat your food using only one utensil and one hand. Here’s a real life example from when we got our first KNORKs years ago:

That video is from 2013 and we’ve literally been using our KNORK flatware every day since. We still absolutely love it!

In fact, it’s on my Holiday Gift Guide, but you know who else loves it this year? Oprah. Oprah loves it and has placed it on her list of Favorite Things for 2015! So cool!

And now we get to the part I love.

This year’s giveaway is, in my opinion, THE BEST YET!

Sarah and the amazing folks at KNORK are graciously providing amazing prize packages for TWO lucky winners! So, what will you get if you win? You will get one 20-piece set (valued at $80) AND a set of their new steak knives (valued at $50)!

knork set knork steak

You have TONS of chances to win, too. Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter and share like a maniac for more chances to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have ONE week to rack up as many entries as you can! Go nuts and good luck!


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9 responses to Oprah Loves KNORK Flatware And You Will, Too

  1. These would be awesome to win for my son! He has three fingers on his left arm and finds it difficult to either stabilize a fork with that hand and doesn’t have the strength to cut with his left hand so this silverware would make a huge difference for him!

  2. We love our set of knork silverware! They are really solid & sturdy too, not exactly what I was expecting (better). Would love to have a set of the new knives.

  3. My son has a right hand with nubbins and double half thumb. This would be great for him to help him with cutting as it is difficult for him to hold 2 utensils. Thanks.

  4. These look amazing … This contest is so much fun! Tori maybe be a bit little for then but I’m sure with a bit of practice and help she would get it I’m sure! Good luck to everyone!!

  5. Would love to win a set. Would be so nice for all of my kids. I learned about Knork while looking for things for my son who was born missing most of his fingers but after seeing the product, thought “Wow! These would be good for anyone!”

  6. How fun! We’ve been wanting these for awhile now!

  7. KNORK me really good please! 😀

  8. I would love to win the KNORK set as my husband is one handed and I have a special needs daughter.

  9. Lately my son has started to cut his food with the side of our run of the mill forks. He would LOVE a knork!

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