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In 2014 we started the process of publishing Different Is Awesome! by launching a Kickstarter project, which was successful beyond my wildest dreams. After a long and eventful year, the book finally released in July of 2015!

If you’re just finding out about the book, here’s a quick synopsis: Little boy brings his older brother, born with one hand, for show-and-tell. Classmates ask him all sorts of questions about how he does things with one hand and realize along the way that he can do anything they can do, he just does it differently. AND they notice that they’re all different in one way or another, leading to the realization that not only are differences a similarity we all share, but, they are what make us unique – AND AWESOME! 🙂

One thing I’m super excited about is that I’ve heard from SO many parents who are buying a copy for their own family and a copy for their kids’ schools! I CAN’T LOVE THIS IDEA ENOUGH! My intention all along has been to get Different Is Awesome! in front of as many kids as possible. They need to hear this message. We all do.

In fact, I LOVE visiting schools and businesses to share the message! If you are the contact person who sets up speakers/presentations for your school or business, please visit my Speaking Page and send me a note to get the ball rolling. If you know the person at your kids’ school, I’d love if you sent them a note or got me their contact information so I can reach out to them.

Thank you SO much for your support and excitement!

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From Laurie: “Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for your book! My daughter was so nervous for second grade and was frustrated with the questions she was already getting. After we got the book at the picnic, she took it to school and read it to her class!! Her teacher said that she even answered questions using some of the wording in the book. Thank you for providing a story that boosts her confidence and normalizes her experiences and feelings. We are so very grateful!”

From Ms. Terry, 2/3 Elementary teacher (to Sam’s parents): “Good evening!  I wanted to tell you that having Sam share today was such a special moment for me as a teacher. He wanted to read the entire book to the class by himself.  We were all amazed at his bravery to read in front of everyone on the first day of school….an entire book!!! Also, we were amazed by his bravery at talking about his difference so eloquently and openly. He didn’t want to say anything before reading the book. He simply read the book, then stood up and said, “I also was born without a hand. Now you can ask me anything you want about it.” I almost got teary because the kids were so open and accepting. Sam is so blessed to have parents that have taught him these things! Thank you for sending in the book. If you don’t mind, could you send me the title and let me know where I can find a copy that I can keep in my classroom?  Sam is very special for a lot of reasons. It was touching to hear the kids start pointing out their own differences, just like the kids in the book. Thanks so much!”

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  1. Carol Sandiford July 7, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    My sweet nephew, David Harrell, shared the link to your site describing your book, “Different Is Awesome”. It really sounds like a terrific book! I am going to order one to give David & his wife, Stephanie to “hold” for their new baby, due in November. Congratulations & best wishes for becoming the author of a best seller!

    Carol Sandiford

  2. Hi my name is Salome Morare and I live in South Africa. I have a son born with no fingers on his right hand. there are no support groups here of people with a difference. I want to get involved but don’t know how. I have tried to research people in my country with differences as well but to no avail. I would really like to get a book for my son as he is now 6 months and I want to raise him to be confident. we also don’t have such books as I tried to get some at bookstores again to no avail. I will buy a copy on Amazon but would really need to have assistance to get awareness in my country on this difference. Thank you for being such a motivation….keep well

  3. Hi Ryan, My son saw you speak at his school today and was really moved. He came home talking about your experiences and all that he learned about differently abled people. Thank you for showing him and his classmates all that you did. My son did have one question – were you ever bullied?

    • Thank you so much for this! 🙂 Sorry it took so long to respond! I only remember being bullied one time when I was little and I think that was because I was surrounded by good friends. So, my advice is to BE a good friend and surround yourself with good friends, too.

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