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I like to smell good.

Which is kind of a win-win situation for me and whoever is near me, right?

The other day Andy sent me a message, saying, “I’ve got a question for you…. As my son (LBE) is getting older (he’s 10), he’s needing to start wearing deodorant. How do you apply deodorant to your armpit?”


Secondly…watch this video to see how I do it. Parents, you especially will enjoy this.

What about you? Have you discovered any tips or tricks that have worked for you? Certain brands or types of deodorant that work better than others? Share your experience in the comments below!

I love a good bag.

It has to look cool, but even more importantly, it has to be functional and easy to use with one hand.

The Daylight Briefcase by Tom Bihn fits the bill in spades.

I’ll let the video tell the rest of the story.

Like I say in the video, I was initially surprised by how small it is, but as long as you have realistic expectations it’s perfect. In fact, I’ve found that it has helped me to really think about what I’m taking with me when I go out and kept me from just throwing the whole world in my bag. Feels good to travel light!

If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight, durable, beautiful everyday bag, I highly recommend you checkout the Daylight Briefcase.

20151209_200340-1 20151209_200358-1

Thanks to Darcy and the awesome team at for providing the gear to review. Opinions are my own, of course.

Yesterday we had our flu shot clinic at work and I decided to have some fun with it.

Shocking, right?

When it was time to get my shot, I took off my sweatshirt so the nurse could get at my arm and then, well, watch this (click the CC button to see the transcription):

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous! Only because I didn’t want to offend Barbara or make her uncomfortable. She loved it, though. In fact, several of my nurse friends have told me that it gets pretty annoying hearing “I hate needles!” all day long, so getting a little something out of the norm is greatly appreciated.

Know what else I learned by pulling this little prank? Humor is a funny thing. Literally and figuratively. Trust me, I know my sense of humor isn’t for everyone. I have the emails to prove it. When I posted on Facebook, though, asking if I should do this (rhetorically, of course), it was awesome to see all the responses in favor of it. My favorite was from a life-long friend of mine who said, “I can’t believe this is even in question!”

You guys know me. And I love you for it.

I’m sure there are some deep-seated issues related to my desire to make people laugh, but it’s who I am and it’s not going to change. You have my word that I’ll keep doing everything in my power to bring you humor, hope and help however I can. And I encourage you to do the same for those in your sphere of influence! Make them smile. Give them hope. Help however you can.

Can you imagine how awesome the world would be if we all did that?

Whoa, that got a little deep.

Scroll up, watch that video again and then pass it on.

And for the love of Pete, keep smiling!

Maybe twice a month I’ll get this response while chatting with someone online or at work:

“Dude…I just remembered that you’re typing with one hand. How do you type so fast?!”

It’s true, I type like a cheetah. Well, not like a cheetah, but as fast as one. I mean, as fast as one runs. ANYWAY, YOU GET WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY.

The fact of the matter is that I’m able to type quickly because I’ve had nearly thirty years of practice. I remember being the only kid in my school to learn Logo (a computer language) and then I taught it to my classmates. From time to time I stayed in from recess and tried to find Carmen Sandiego or survive the Oregon Trail.

So, how did I develop my technique? I just did. I remember taking a keyboarding class in sixth grade and we all had to put those covers over our keyboards so we could memorize “home row.” They tried to get me to develop my own “home row,” and I wasn’t having it. I convinced them to let me uncover my keyboard and learn the most efficient way for me to type. I’d love to give the instructor credit for allowing me to do this, but…I probably gave them no choice in the matter. I’ve also never used anything other than a standard keyboard. I know different types of keyboards and adaptations are out there, but the way I figured it, learning on a standard keyboard put me at an advantage because then I could type on any computer anywhere I went.

Over the years I’ve had several keyboard-heavy jobs. At least two data entry job that I remember and over a decade in customer service which is almost exclusively computer driven. Over the last eight years I bet I’ve averaged typing nearly eight hours a day. And in all that time, I’ve never had finger or wrist issues. That said, I’ve been very careful if I notice a twinge or something and I stretch quite often. I can only remember one time ever having to tell my boss that I needed to rest my hand for a bit and that was because I got scared. Otherwise, it’s been smooth one-handed sailing… Hmm, sailing. I’ve never tried that.

Anywho, here’s a quick video of me typing with one hand. It’s not really an instructional video; more of just a snapshot of how I do it. I hope you like the little story I type!

Do you remember tracing your hand and then making it into a turkey at Thanksgiving when you were a kid?

I’m pretty sure my mom traced my hand for me and then I colored it.  I’m not sure, though, because my memory is fuzzy.  I don’t remember ever tracing my little arm when I was a kid, but I’ve seen others do it, so I thought I’d give it a try!

Here’s my attempt.  And Happy Thanksgiving!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

It’s that special time of year when we purposely drive into the most congested part our city to wait in long lines and spend money we don’t have. After all, nothing says “Thanks for being born, Jesus!” like flipping somebody off in a parking lot.

I kid, I kid.

Seriously, I hope you’re able to enjoy time with your family today as you remember the reason for the season. I tried everything I could to avoid using the phrase “reason for the season,” but I couldn’t do it.

Anyhow…I’ll stop writing now and just encourage you to watch this short video message:

Merry Christmas from the Haack House to yours!

xmas card

Some day I’ll carve a really intricate design into a pumpkin.

For now, I’ll leave that to the experts.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve never been that into pumpkin carving.  I mean, I’ve done it, but mostly because it’s what you’re supposed to do at Halloween.  Some people get super into it and make pies and roast the seeds, the whole nine yards.  Not me.  I mostly just complain about how nasty the innards are that you have to remove.

Ok, have a ruined it yet?


So excited.

The truth is, though, I do have a favorite part.  The fire part.  I love seeing what the final product looks like all lit up in the dark.  I stick that candle in there, light it, then stand back and ooh and ahh at that hacked-up fruit.  If you wanted to get real philosophical here, a person could say something about how light brings beauty to darkness…but, I’m not going to do that.

Without further ado, I present to you my somewhat instructional video on how to carve a pumpkin with one hand:

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almost made it out of the bowling alley without getting stared at.


Last night Sam and I went bowling and it was great.  Total “Guy’s Night Out” material.  Sam was disappointed in his scores, as was I with mine, but we still had a lot of fun.  Plus, we made these videos:

You couldn’t write it any better. Then I was like, “Stand over here and try it so you can see the pins.” And then this happened:

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I’m really good at keeping an ice cream cone from dripping.

Its one of my favorite skills.

I’m incredibly careful, with wide licks around the entire base of the ice cream first, then I work my way up to the top making the scoop as smooth as possible on-top of the cone.  It’s a very clean and enjoyable experience.

This makes me SO uncomfortable.

My kids, on the other hand…not so much.

They try, but they’re kids, ya know?  They get messy.  And as much as I want to grab their cone from them and “fix it,” I don’t.  I let them enjoy it.  I let them get messy and covered with chocolate.

In that way, eating an ice cream cone is a lot like life.  It can be really messy sometimes, but also really yummy.

Yep, I just made that metaphor.  And said life is yummy.

With that in mind, here’s I scoop an ice cream cone with one hand:

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P.S. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that helped me get to Story Chicago!  You’re the best!  Look forward to a full review after the conference.