How To Floss Your Teeth One-Handed

September 2, 2012 — 5 Comments

When I was a kid my mom made me floss every night.

My step-brother and step-sister and I would sit in the bathroom, whining for what seemed like an eternity while we flossed our teeth.  We’d stare out the doorway, longing for our freedom.

In reality, it was probably about five minutes.

Sorry about that, mom.

Now I actually love flossing my teeth.  There’s just something about getting those chunks of meat and cilantro out after eating at Chipotle.

This is the kind I like most.

I usually use regular floss, though sometimes those floss picks come in handy (pun intended).  Those floss picks can be painful, though, in my experience.  Especially with your back teeth.  I’ll try to get that little piece of floss between my teeth and then SNAP, it jams up into my gums.  Youch!  So, regular floss is still option one for me.

Here’s how I floss my teeth with one hand:

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5 responses to How To Floss Your Teeth One-Handed

  1. Gosh, your mother told you to floss! You must be really young. When I was a child no one had thought of flossing. My dentist informed me that I couldn’t floss one handed. (It’s never a good idea to take any notice of professionals. They love to do you down.) I can’t use my left hand or arm so I twist one end of the length of floss round my right thumb and the other end round my right first finger and then hold my thumb and first finger as far apart as possible. SometimesI use those little dagger things which you don’t like.

  2. Hey Ryan!

    For anyone who is having trouble doing it your way… I have something called the “FlossMate Floss Handle.” It’s sort of the reason that half of my teeth aren’t rotting out of my face. It’s a Y-shaped piece of plastic that you can wrap floss around all by yourself and is way stronger than those weak little plastic things that come in a package of 2,000,000 and destroy your gums. I’ve had it for, like, at least 20 years. The same one. Doesn’t break.

    Here’s the link:

    Happy flossing!

  3. KRISTINA HODGDON May 4, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    I love you!! Thanks for the entertaining floss video. I hate those little floss picks too. They get stuck. I had a stroke but I can tie one end on a finger – I think. like you did. Thanks! You have a great attitude! Kricket

  4. I have a different technique that I would like to share for you guys to explore as well: I cut a much smaller piece of floss: about 5 inches. Then I make a 3 knots tying the ends to form a circle (the three knots are necessary, because otherwise the wax makes them loose). Then I hold the floss “circle” around 2, 3 or 4 fingers depending on the area of the mouth I’m trying to reach and floss! I hope this is clear enough, but I’ll be happy to make a video if asked.

  5. Thank you so much! I just broke my arm and I found your video. God bless you ❤️

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