How To Scoop An Ice Cream Cone One-Handed

September 16, 2012 — 2 Comments

I’m really good at keeping an ice cream cone from dripping.

Its one of my favorite skills.

I’m incredibly careful, with wide licks around the entire base of the ice cream first, then I work my way up to the top making the scoop as smooth as possible on-top of the cone.  It’s a very clean and enjoyable experience.

This makes me SO uncomfortable.

My kids, on the other hand…not so much.

They try, but they’re kids, ya know?  They get messy.  And as much as I want to grab their cone from them and “fix it,” I don’t.  I let them enjoy it.  I let them get messy and covered with chocolate.

In that way, eating an ice cream cone is a lot like life.  It can be really messy sometimes, but also really yummy.

Yep, I just made that metaphor.  And said life is yummy.

With that in mind, here’s I scoop an ice cream cone with one hand:

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P.S. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that helped me get to Story Chicago!  You’re the best!  Look forward to a full review after the conference.


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2 responses to How To Scoop An Ice Cream Cone One-Handed

  1. If you haven’t got a child handy, you can put the pointed sort of cones in an empty mug.

    My problem is buying cones from a van especially if you buy several (if, for example, I’m treating some children. I don’t buy several at once just for me!) The ice-cream seller hands you the cones, then, how do you pay? Ninety-nines or ones with raspberry or whatever syrrup on are the worst.

  2. Ice cream & continual “doing things one-handed…BING!” has been the highlight of our evening!
    Thanks, Ryan.

    : )

    MicahQ & fam

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