How To Pound Nails One-Handed

February 29, 2012 — 11 Comments

Pounding nails is quite the trick for someone with one hand.

I would know.

I’ll tell you the most frustrating ones to pound, though.  You know those cheap book cases you get from Walmart or Target?  The ones with that fake-woodgrain piece of thin cardboard you have to unfold and nail to the back of the case.  Yeah, that situation is insanely frustrating.  And I know those are technically brads or whatever, but still…frustrating.

I’m not much of a handy-man (ha) per se, but I’ve used a hammer and nails enough in my life to know…it ain’t easy. I also know that I haven’t tried many other methods of doing it.  I’m sure there are countless tools or helps or methods out there, I just haven’t used them.  Again, necessity is the mother of invention, and let’s be honest…it’s rarely necessary for me to nail stuff together.

So, this is how I do it.  One way, at least.  If you have a cool way of doing it, I’d love if you made a reply video!  And if you have questions or ideas, post them in the comments section.  I promise to respond.  And if I don’t, you can totally nail me on it.  GET IT?  See what I did there?!



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11 responses to How To Pound Nails One-Handed

  1. How about a wad of something–play doh, plasti-tak–to hold the nail upright (or horizontal, if need be) until you can whack it a few times. Then remove the ‘help’

  2. Well, Ryan, that looked suspiciously like cheating to me. Why? There appeared to be little holes already there in which to place the nail.

    How did YOU make those holes?

    My one-armed freind has a much better system .. he waits until I turn up and asks me 🙂

    As always love thet electric mischievous impish nature you have .. so tell us

    1. How did you come to faith;


    2. if not too personal, how do you wash under your right armpit?

    Blessings from England

  3. Have you ever tried a hammer that has a magnet to hold the nail before you strike it? I just saw one at Menards last week:

  4. Our family loves all of your videos. Speaking of nails, you will have to record a video for “how to clip your nails one-handed.” 🙂

  5. Hey Ryan,

    That’s exactly how I pound nails. I have the same abnormality. Thanks for the videos. There’s always something new to learn.

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