How To Peel Fruit One-Handed

January 29, 2012 — 16 Comments

Well, that was gross.


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16 responses to How To Peel Fruit One-Handed

  1. My wife will only eat green bananas, weird right? Good video, I love your child laughing through the whole video. I think you are doing an awesome job on these videos!

  2. I heard you say in that video that you like your bananas with a little brown on them…hahaha I remember your bananas mostly black! Ah, the good ol’ days of working with you!

  3. Yeah — eating orange rinds is a little gross…I needed a laugh today! thanks for sharing!

  4. Ryan,
    We would love to see videos in the future of zipping a jacket one-handed and cutting a steak one-handed. We’ll be watching! 🙂
    The Briggs Family

  5. Bess, Mom of Oliver February 12, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    Awesome video!! I second the steak cutting video :). Loved the zipper vid, too. Also… I love your shirt in the thumb up intro… But, I can’t read it all. What does it say, and where did you get it? We love the site!

    • Thanks, Bess! The steak cutting video is in the works. Yum. hehe

      I just put up a better picture and description of the shirt on the Facebook page, too!

  6. Thanks! You have made my daughter like herself again. Since we have started watching/reading she has developed a positive attitude and likes to joke with people, something she never liked to do before. Keep it coming!

  7. Gavin loves these videos and this one is one of the most requested! He calls it “the one where he bites the fruit”. He thinks it’s pretty funny and also loves the little intro. He always laughs when you say BING! 😉

  8. Try peeling the banana from the other end… there was a video online with tips for everyday things and they said that monkeys peel from the other end. Much easier no matter how many hands you have. Just sqeeze the tip a little bit and then you can pull the flaps down. It will bring down the little stingy pieces also… Mind blown!

    • I’ve seen that and done it! Personally, I don’t find it to be that much easier with one hand. In fact, it can actually be a bit messier! lol I DO love monkeys, though, so…

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