How To Build A LEGO Treehouse With One Hand

October 19, 2014 — 3 Comments

Back in 1987 I was on the news.

They showed me doing several activities with my new myoelectric prosthetic arm. Watch this vintage video clip and then…I’m going to tell you a secret.

First of all, nice hair, right? Here’s the secret: Except for this clip, I never wore my arm to play with LEGO blocks.

I simply used my fingers and toes and teeth, all with more efficiency than my myo. Yes, I was reprimanded constantly about using my teeth, but they worked!

I’ve always loved LEGO blocks. And I still do. There’s just something about creating that hits the spot. I get lost in it. The video below is six minutes long, but the reality is that it took me over an hour to build the treehouse. It felt like 20 minutes. I’m also the kind of person who does best with instructions. If you stick a bucket of random pieces in front of me, sure, I’ll build something, but it’ll be more stressful than fun. On the other hand (badum-ching!), you could set the Millennium Falcon or Volkswagen Camper Van set in front of me with the instructions, and I’ll be out-of-my-mind excited.

Watch the video of me building the Treehouse below, then examine the pictures underneath and then let’s talk in the comments section!

In the comments section let’s talk about: Your favorite thing you ever built, any tips or tricks you have, questions you might have, etc.

To see more detail on the pictures below, click on the picture to see it full-size.

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3 responses to How To Build A LEGO Treehouse With One Hand

  1. After sustaining nerve damage during a fall which broke my wrist, I’ve been working one handed with Legos. It’s a challenge but so rewarding and fun once a project is built! Your blog is really cool and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!

  2. I had that hand, and I hated it! What I did like were the trips to the Paramatta Children’s Hospital, staying at Ronald McDonald House, the plaster and the doctor in charge of teaching me to use it (iI think her name was Noni).

    It was a pain in the bum to put on, and I’d have to take it off for sport. I eventually stopped using it – made things 100x harder.

    I still have it somewhere! I took it to high school one week (i boarded) and we put it in a school jumper and had it sticking out from the dorm door at lights out as a prank to the person on duty.

    As for Legos, I never really had any though I wish I did. I love them!

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