Where Is Your Reset Button?

April 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

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Winter is finally breaking here in Wisconsin, so I took the opportunity to fill all of our bicycle tires today and then I went out into the woods. I love going to the woods. I don’t do it as often as I’d like, but every time I do it’s an experience I don’t soon forget. Whenever I’m getting overwhelmed by life, nature helps calm me down. Today I threw a bottle of water, a book and a notepad in my basket, slung a chair over my shoulder and then peddled to my spot.

And yes, I have a spot.

I love having a spot in the woods. I always think I’m going to forget where it is, but then I see it from a distance and I smile. Today I propped-up my bike, set-up my chair, sat down and got out my book and then…just sat there for a while. I love looking around at all the trees and the little animals scurrying around. As you can see, everything is still bare and brown and muddy, but the sun was shining, which was nice. The birds were singing and I even got to see a wood pecker pecking about thirty feet from me! After breathing deeply and settling in, I spent some time reading a chapter of Dallas Willard’s “Renovation of the Heart.” The chapter I read was both challenging and inspiring. Willard is so smart and I love his applications of scripture.

I go out to the woods, not only to be calmed by nature, but to reconnect with the Creator. He always meets me in the woods.¬†After reading for a while, I spent some time praying and journaling. I find that when I set aside that time to be intentional about connecting with Him, I’m always reminded of the simple truths that mean so much. I’m reminded that He’s patient. And that He’s not out to get me. That He cares about me and my family. Those times are so integral for my growth as a Christian and as a man, a husband, a father, a friend…

I treasure my times in the woods.

Where do you go when the pressures of life are getting to you? Where do you go to hit the reset button?


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