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I'm a husband, a father, an author, a speaker, a friend...all kinds of things, actually.

2 responses to Grace Mandeville Shares Her Story

  1. Grace,, well done. With a few minor tweaks to your story i could have been the one talking.. I agree on everything you touched on, but most importantly how lucky i feel.. Im lucky i was born with my arm stopping at my elbow. No i don’t want a prosthetic arm. Wouldn’t know what to do with it… Like you, I can do everything and most times more than my peers (rope climbing, pull ups, patty cake, walking on my hands are things i cant do yet) bc im stubborn and driven to prove that im just as good/ better than the rest.

    Quick story.. I recently bought a exercise bike w a desk on it, its awesome… It came and i had to assemble it.. No problem, instructions basically ( or should have said) say, “unless you have one arm and are left handed, this should take 20 min” Well fast fwd 4 hours( and some horrible swearing im not proud of )later… Im half way there… At this pace i should be riding and working by turkey day… Gobble gobble…

    Purpose of story is that i forget i have one arm.. In a world designed for two armed right handed people theres only a few things that i come across that remind me.. Its actually refreshing.. And again reminds me how lucky i am.. So to the ass**** who wrote the exercise bike instructions..

    Im sorry for all the horrible, vulgar names i called u last night.

    Thank you for the great reminder on how luck i am.

    Again, great video Grace.. Thanks..


  2. Grace, you are incredibly inspirational. The way you talk about this shows how much you’ve learned and how thoughtful you are. The fact that you are willing to share and help others is a fantastic success. As you know it isn’t always easy to make your personal differences into qualities but it seems you’ve nailed it.

    Best of luck with everything. 🙂

    Boston, MA

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