The Best Halloween Costume

October 31, 2012 — 8 Comments

This was my Halloween costume last year:


Yeah, I did that.

I went to Party City and walked around the crowded store holding that arm hoping people would see and react.  Most of them were too preoccupied to notice, though.  Eventually I made my way to the counter where I plopped the arm down and the cashier rang me out.  It was clear she had no idea how to react, so I said, “Yeah, it’s ok to laugh.”  She smiled and said, “That’s awesome.”  I took the arm to work and everybody thought it was funny (well, some people probably didn’t).  Then, for the next year, I left it under my desk.  I’ve always kind of wished I could setup a camera to catch the cleaning crew’s reaction when they see it laying there on the floor.

Well, the other day I broke it back out.  Two of the supervisors in my department were sitting behind me, so I put the arm in my left sleeve and then slowly turned around in my chair, hands folded.  One of the supervisors, who I will call Denise, saw the bloody hand and freaked out.  She jumped and tried to climb into the wall.  She became very religious and somewhat vulgar at the same time.  It was amazing.  I couldn’t have asked for a better reaction.  (Full disclosure: Denise also freaks out when she sees bugs. Like, more than I’ve ever seen anyone freak out about bugs. Ever. In my whole life.)

Now my bloody arm is sticking out of the top of the piano in our lunchroom at work.  A nice Halloween touch, if I do say so myself.  I’ve been trying to think of my favorite Halloween costumes from years past and as far as I can remember, I was almost always an athlete.  Up until last year, I don’t think I did anything that played on my missing arm.  My mom or dad could correct me here if I’m forgetting.  For me, though, since my arm was never an issue growing up, I just picked “regular” things to be.  It’s only now that I’m starting to have fun with it.  Like Josh Sundquist, who won Halloween with his costume this year.  This little guy is amazing, too.

So tell me, what was your favorite costume growing up?  If you or your child have a physical difference, have you used it to your advantage when choosing a costume?  Share your experiences in the comments!

And happy Halloween!

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8 responses to The Best Halloween Costume

  1. Oh, wow, I can’t stop laughing! That is so awesome. Love it!

  2. The scariest part of the costume is the plaid shirt…Good thing it wasn’t a right hand. is kind of a long website! Keep it up.

  3. My son loves your blog so much. Can’t wait to show him your Halloween costume when he gets home from school. We watched your carving a pumpkin video yesterday. We haven’t ever incorporated his limb difference in a costume, but my teenage boys have tried to convince him to use a big rubber shark and lots of blood on his smaller arm, but he isn’t “biting” on it yet. : ) Maybe next year! The best costume I ever saw for a child with a limb difference was my friend’s son who was missing one leg. The man who does his prosthetics took the time to make him an actual pirate peg leg for Halloween to go with his costume. My friend said it was a priceless evening for her son, as everyone who opened the door for trick-or-treat did a huge double take!

  4. Ok, That just made my day. You are too funny! Frankly I don;t remember your costumes as you got older but for 3 years you were Oscar the Grouch. You just wanted to be him every year. I have pics somewhere. When I find them you will see how cute it was. I am noticing that you always stood at the same spot next to the kitchen table for pics.Just an observation. Your story reminds me of the time we had guests that were unaware of your arm. You were wearing your Myoelectric arm at the time and decided to take it off. You pulled it out of your sleeve and set it on the table. This mother and daughter had eyes as big as saucers. We never saw them again.Ha! It was priceless.

  5. LOVE IT! Jack went to book week last year (a day where kids dress up as a book character in Australia) as Captain Hook! It was his idea – he completed it with his own homemade hook (a coathanger hook, black paint and a can lid!) and to top it off he paraded with a stuffed crocodile! “Ah Har, the croc who took my hand he exclaimed!” (Will trawl through my pics and see if I can find a photo for you!)

  6. Rosie was a pirate this year, and it was awesome!

    World’s tiniest revenge:
    Staring is fine. Really, it is. It’s a normal, human reaction. But… I’m not saying it doesn’t get old.
    So, we dressed Rosie up as a pirate. No peg-leg b/c she’s unstable enough on her prosthetic leg, we didn’t need to take her little foot off to make a peg-leg. But we did put a plastic costume hook on her little arm. And she wore a pirate hat, earring, skull-and-cross-bones sweatshirt, and face paint with a mustache and little beard and thick eyebrows.
    Series of expressions we saw on each person: 1) smile smile smile awww how cute! 2) what the… are you serious?! she has one arm! 3) keep smiling, keep smiling, don’t make weird faces at the one armed girl.

    We’ve been planning this since I was 20 weeks pregnant with her.

  7. Your humor has kept me sane since my daughter’s accident.

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