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Every Saturday morning I’ll be posting links to stories that have affected me throughout the week. I love stories that make me think or laugh or cry…stories that make me feel something.  Stories that give me a new perspective.  Stories that remind me there are amazing people out there doing amazing things.  So, without further ado, here are some stories that I loved this week:

An Odd And Jarring Encounter by Megan Wickersham

Beautiful post from Megan about a situation she had with her limb-different son and a little girl’s rude reaction.

To parents of small children: Let me be the one who says it out loud by Steve Wiens

Steve gives parents permission to be less than perfect.

Worst End of School Year Mom Ever by Jen Hatmaker

This literally made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.  Hilarious stuff from Jen.

Making Big Changes Is A Great Way To Sink A Ship. Try This Instead: by Shauna Niequist

Shauna talks about making small changes in your life rather than trying to make sweeping changes and quitting half-way through.

Expression by Christy Grace

My friend Christy’s first blog post about one of her paintings.  She’s an INCREDIBLE artist!

Patrick Stewart is The Man

An AMAZING short video of a Q&A with Patrick and a young woman about his fight against domestic violence.

I’m Totally Freaked Out! and I’m Less Freaked Out! by Ryan Haack

These two posts from yours truly seemed to really resonate with people this week.  They’re about the experience I had teaching my daughter’s classmates that being different is awesome and how to react appropriately to those who are different than us.

Mike Alt is a young man on a mission to help young people succeed.  I love it.

I hope these stories affect you as they did me.  Make sure to leave comments and follow the creators!  And have a great Saturday!