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My wife once worked at one of those gift-wrapping kiosks in the mall.

I did not.

I’m not saying I couldn’t have, but it was probably for the best.

I’ve always wrapped presents myself.  For the most part I think I’ve done pretty well with it, too.  I like the crisp lines and the angles and the strategically placed strips of tape.  I take pride in a tight, tidy package.  Especially with CDs.  They’re kind of a pain to wrap, and everyone knows what they are before they open them, but there’s some satisfaction in seeing that little square, sharp corners and all.

That said, sometimes you just don’t care what it looks like, ya know?  And that’s not a one-handed thing; that’s a human being thing.  Throw it in a bag and be done with it.

I hope your gift-wrapping experiences go off without a hitch this year!

Happy holidays!

Step 1: Put on a pair of pants that have pockets in the back (that close with a button).

Step 2: Try to button the back left pocket with your right hand.


That’s what happened to me the other day.  I was at work and noticed that my back left pocket was unbuttoned.  It was bothering the heck out of me.  My right obliques hurt because I was trying so hard to get at that dang button.  It’s not like I could ask a co-worker to button it for me, ya know?  Honestly, I almost went into the bathroom to take my pants off just to button that pocket.

And what was the big deal, anyway?  It’s not like I even keep anything in that pocket.

In case you weren’t aware (though the domain may have given it away), I only have one hand.  It’s the right one.  So, all my left pockets are unused.  And this is just one of the situations I encounter on a daily basis as a man who is living one-handed.

And this is the first post of what I’m sure will be hundreds.

Soon I’ll be posting videos of myself doing things one-handed (by popular demand) and I’ll be writing a lot about my experiences growing-up and living as a one-handed person.  I want this to be interactive and hope you’ll give your input and perspective.  I hope you’ll ask questions, too!  I hope you’ll laugh and cry and learn and be encouraged…

I hope you’ll find this to be a place of humor, help and hope.

– Ryan

P.S. To add insult to injury, there wasn’t even a button to button!  IT WAS MISSING.  Sheesh.

Missing Button

Time for some new pants.