Jim Abbott and Sleeping At Last: Podcasting One-Handed EP1

March 9, 2013 — 5 Comments

It’s finally here!

The debut episode of Podcasting One-Handed is up and running (subscribe on iTunes here and/or checkout the bottom of this post!).

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, actually.  In fact, I went to school for radio and TV broadcasting back in 1997, so this is kind of a rekindling of that passion.  And I have way more control than when I was working overnights at an AM radio station!

My hope for this podcast is for it to be fun, interesting and helpful.  In future episodes I’ll answer questions from listeners and I hope to have many, many guests on.  People have such cool stories and I can’t wait to hear them and share them with you!  Some people who have already agreed to be on: Aron Ralston, Holly Franklin, Noah Galloway, Jen Bricker, Kristy Allison-McDonald…and I’m hoping to speak with Sarah Herron, Josh Sundquist, Kevin Connolly, Nick Vujicic, Sean Stephenson and more!  If you have other ideas of who you’d like to hear from, please let me know!  I also love music and sports, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear from some of them, too.

In this, the first episode, I got to talk to two people.  The first one is Jim Abbott, my boyhood hero.

Jim with my team, the Brewers

Jim with my team, the Brewers

“How the heck did you get hooked-up with him?” you’re asking.  And if you’re not, humor me.  One night on Twitter, this happened:

He sent me a tweet, then we emailed back and forth, my wife told me to stop hyperventilating, then…

Seriously, it was crazy.  And I know I made a way bigger deal out of it than I should have, but it was surreal!  For the interview, I made my entire family leave the house and I built a make-shift studio.  Then I stumbled all over myself when Jim and I first started talking.  Even so, we had such a great time and I somehow find myself calling Jim a friend.  Amazing.

In the interview Jim and I hit on several topics, like his life in baseball, his experience growing-up one-handed, his thoughts on how to handle bullying…and even his thoughts on steroids!  We also talked about his support for Nick Newell, XFC MMA Champion.

That seems about right.

That seems about right.

I met Ryan O’Neal from Sleeping at Last last year at the Story conference in Chicago.  I’ve been listening to his music pretty much non-stop ever since.  I’m so thankful he came on to share about his music and artistic process.



Here’s the video from Kid President that features his music, too (incase you haven’t already seen it):

I hope you enjoy the podcast and I hope you’ll subscribe on iTunes and tell all your friends about it. hehe

AND…I want to give you some stuff!

Enter below to win an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Jim’s book or an AUTOGRAPHED baseball AND baseball card!


You can also win one of TWO downloads of Sleeping At Last’s Yearbook Collection.


Um…HELLO??  36 amazing songs, a $45 value.  So, enter a bunch and good luck!

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5 responses to Jim Abbott and Sleeping At Last: Podcasting One-Handed EP1

  1. At some point in the future I’d love to hear interviews from some parents of limb different kids… Jen Reeves, Molly Stapelman, Jana Kuhnert, etc. But that’s probably from my bias, since I’m a parent of a limb diff kid.

    I loved the first episode, great work! Can’t wait for the next episode.

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