What Gets You Flustered?

July 25, 2012 — 9 Comments

I have a wallet, but I rarely use it.

I get George Costanza Syndrome when I use a wallet.

I usually just cram everything in my pocket.  Right now, for instance, I have random receipts, some Chapstick, my business card case, my debit card, five pieces of folded-up paper with lists on them and a few other things in there.

But, whether I have a wallet or my pocket full o’ crap, the checkout line at any retailer is one place I get flustered consistently.

It’s just one of those places where my difference is spot-lighted.  Spot-lit?  Whatever.  I’m standing there, the cashier tells me how much it is, and then I have to pay them.  If I have cash in my wallet, I tuck it between my short arm and chest and fumble around to remove the bills.  If my method of payment is in my pocket full o’ crap, I either have to dig around in there or pull everything out and put it on the counter to sift through.

I’m sure nobody else even cares, but for some reason I put a lot of pressure on myself in that situation.  Especially if there’s a line behind me.  Everybody is waiting for the one-handed guy to finish his transaction and God forbid if I should drop something…how embarrassing!

The truth is, I know there are some easy fixes to this.  I could always keep my debit card in my back pocket.  Problem solved.  The only thing is, I’ll never remember to do that.  Never.  I could also just relax.  Nobody cares how nimble I am at paying for my goods…except me!

Where’s the fun in that, though?

The truth is, we all get flustered from time to time, right?  It’s a part of life.  If anything, it builds character.  It keeps us humble.  It teaches us about vulnerability.  We learn from it.

So, the next time you get flustered, take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and smile.

You’re not alone.

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9 responses to What Gets You Flustered?

  1. I used to work in retail and had to give change. I hated it when people paid cash. I have learned to let go of a lot of things. One day at the grocery store I could not get the stupid plastic bag to open for vegies. I can always do it, but this one day I just couldn’t. A lady came over and helped me and I was OK with that. Everyone has problems with those stupid bags at some point!

    • You’re totally right, Mimi! Those bags are a pain. hehe

      I worked in retail for a long time and felt the same way about cash!

  2. In supermarkets I rest my handbag (I believe this is a ‘purse’ in US English.) on the counter while I get my purse out. (I have no idea what US English is for what I call a ‘purse’. It’s the thing I keep my money in.) When I shop in small shops or at market stalls it’s more trouble. I sometimes try to get my money out ahead of time and I just stuff the change into my bag and transfer it to my purse when I get home. btw, when I’m getting money out of a ‘hole in the wall’ it’s just too much trouble to try and conceal my PIN from any nasty people who might be watching. Luckily, I haven’t been defrauded yet.

  3. Catered Buffet Lines! Seriously! Wouldn’t EVERYONE like the option to set their plate down as they fill it? I guess not, just me and the old folks trying to also manage a cane. I get so frustrated sometimes that I rearrange the table (while giving the caterer my infamous evil-eye). I’m going to build a TV tray on wheels and bring it to the next wedding reception. I might feel a little awkward, but it will prove my point… Then I’ll let everybody’s grandfather use it.

    • Great idea, Tyson! lol Yes, buffet lines are the most difficult thing for me. I can do it, it just takes a lot of skill and concentration!

  4. Buffet lines are also dreaded by me for the same reason, I’m so lucky I haven’t dumped my plate on the ground yet. Thw wallet I’m with, if you check me out on youtube I actually did a video yesterday on handling my wallet 🙂

  5. My problems exactly. I usually just get my money out ahead of time and stuff all my change into my pocket/purse to deal with change floating all over the place later. As for the pesky store bags, customers would ask me if I needed help instead of the other way around.. awkward. I totally AVOID buffets and cafeteria like places because of the mere fact that people assume I can’t carry my own tray, which I have been doing since the first grade (private school). I say we write petitions to all buffets across the world so it be necessary to have somewhere to place our plates while serving our food. With no ledge or anything to lean my plate on, I end up making a mess! (Not very attractive, being a 20yo female)

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