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Tony Memmel’s music is always filled with hope.  And authenticity.

His new EP, Clenched Hands Brave Demands, is no different.

Themes of movement and growth are pervasive throughout Tony’s new project, whether he’s talking about the world spinning on without him or our desire to be simultaneously speeding up and slowing down in life. Like I said earlier, I love Ton’y authenticity, too. So, while we’re all trying to grow, he recognizes that sometimes it doesn’t feel that way (from Spinning on Without Me):

When you stand, you risk the fall
I put my money down, I play my hand
Another year on track
for two steps forward, two steps back
and I don’t wanna be there anymore

My favorite track is the soaringly beautiful I Could Make You New.  I love the lyrics at the beginning of the song:

My blood is grief, but my veins aren’t jaded
My heart is light, but it gets so weighted 
down with everything I hold onto
Sometimes that means hanging on for dear life, too

The title track is my next favorite.  I think it’s the tightest song on the EP.  I could be totally off here, but there’s something Springstein-ish about it.  And Lesleigh’s vocals on this track are perfect; a beautiful touch.  Listen to it here:

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