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This one time I ran into a van with a riding lawn mower.

I had told the person I was mowing for that I knew how to use it.  That was a lie.  But, how difficult could it be, right?  Well, apparently it’s important to know how the gears work.  Especially on a hill.  As I started to roll backwards, frantically trying to figure out how to stop, I saw the van out of the corner of my eye.  Before I knew it… WHAM!  I looked around.  As far as I could tell, nobody saw it happen.  I put the mower in gear and off I went.

Sorry…person that owned that van.

I’ve mowed lawns with a regular lawn mower my whole life.  Never made any adjustments.  Starting it can be a bear, depending on the setup of the mower, but it really hasn’t been a problem.

This is a lawn mower.

I still like mowing the lawn, but these days it’s a little more painful than it used to be.  Having to push the mower with one hand is hard on my wrist.  And the vibrations don’t help.  That said, it’s still doable.  (Full disclosure: I live in a condo.  I never mow my own yard.  Don’t worry about it.)

Here’s a video of me starting the mower and mowing a little bit.  Please feel free to post your thoughts and questions in the comments section!

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Swinging has never been one of my favorite things to do.

For one, I’m afraid of heights.  The higher I get, the less fun I have.

Also, I get motion sickness pretty easily.

Wow…I’m super fun!

Regardless of my enjoyment level, I am able to swing.

And jump off without ending-up on America’s Funniest Videos.


Post-script: After filming the video, I found the bank of swings for big kids.  Outstanding.