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Today I was made aware of a new TV show coming to AMC in February of 2013.

It’s called “Freakshow” and this is what the website says about it: “AMC’s Freakshow is the new unscripted series that follows Todd Ray’s quirky family business — the Venice Beach Freakshow. Leaving behind a successful career in the music industry, Todd was finally able to realize his true passion: bringing together all things bizarre and unique, including two-headed animals, strange artifacts, eccentric performers and human oddities. Located on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, spectators gather to see truly exceptional people, specimens and creatures. Todd and his wife Danielle open their home and hearts to the extraordinary people who proudly call themselves ‘Freaks.’ Normal is relative.”

There’s been quite a reaction within some of the limb-different community due to the fact that a couple of the people in the show are limb-different themselves.  One has no arms and one, no legs.  As a voice in this community, I want to share my thoughts.

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