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I’ve always loved playing sports.

Especially football.

Not me, but still one-handed.

I found out recently that playing football is one of the only times my friends think about me having one arm.  One said,  “I remember playing football one time and not even thinking about you having one hand until you made this amazing catch going deep and stopping in my tracks like, ‘Wait, how the heck did he just do that?'”  My friend Steve said, “The only time I am really conscious of the fact that you only have one arm is when we are playing football and I am the quarter back.  I know that if I throw the ball towards your left shoulder, it’s going to be extremely difficult for you to catch the ball!  So, I am forced to think a little bit more when I am throwing to you, and I really try to throw to your right side.”

I’ll be making many more videos of me playing sports, I’m sure, but for now here’s one of me playing catch with my son.  I figure it’s better just to see it done than to have me try to explain it.